About Me

Born in Khulna, Bangladesh, I had a very eventful childhood. My father the late Dr. Abdur Rasheed was an army doctor who along with his family became  a prisoner of war during the independence war of Bangladesh against West Pakistan. I returned to independent Bangladesh in 1971 with my parents. Later I was admitted in Jhenaidah Cadet College and excelled in studies there. I completed my bachelor and Masters in Applied Physics & Electronics and went abroad to USA for higher studies. After completion of my studies there I worked and lived in various parts of USA before immigrating to Canada. Today I live in the GTA with my family.

I started writing from an early age. My first novel Nilee was published in in 1986 as a paperback and was instantly a hit. I continued to write paper backs until moving to USA. Several years later I again reemerged and started writing from abroad. Since 2003 reputed publisher Ononna Prokashoni has published 16 of my well written books. I had also written for well known magazine Jai Jai Din as their Canadian representative. My stories summarily called ‘Canada Kahini’ became quite popular.

I also writes screenplays. While I am yet to be produced, one of my screenplay ‘Chronicles of Ali’ was adjusted as one of the top screenplays in the Canada International Film Festival.

Today I write both in Bangla and English. I have several English novels under the name S.R.Shuja.


Jujube (2003) 

Sporsho (2003)

Ei Jatra (2004)

Shuvro Borshon (2004)

Sukhe Dukhe Canada (2005)

Damama (2006)

Vul Korechi Valobase (2007)

Zadukorer Tandoblila (2009)

Lukochuri (2009)

Mohonay Dariye (2009)

Nilee (2010)

Kanna Hasir Somodro (2011)

Josna Rate (2011)

Nisheeth Kuhu (2012)

GohIn Oronne Brishti(2012)

Space Tiger (Bangla) (2012)

A boy and a war (2013)

Kicking in Toronto (2013)

Space Tiger (2014)

Crazy, mad adventure (2014)

Chronicles of Ali (2015)